Immediate Crisis? Call 800-462-6814 -  Available 24/7

Welcome to the Tuscola County Suicide Prevention Coalition’s website.

Here you will find helpful information and links to assist you in your efforts to prevent suicides. This is not a “what to do” site. Rather it is a site to get you in touch with people and organizations who can help you with your unique situation. They want to help. Please let them.


If you, or someone you know, are in immediate crisis,


please contact Tuscola Behavioral Health Systems at 800.462.6814 OR 911

People who want to help are waiting for your call right now. Call them.

The Tuscola County Suicide Prevention Coalition is working towards reducing suicides and suicide attempts throughout Tuscola County.

Our website is updated on a constant basis and we welcome community participation in these updates.

 Please email your comments/suggestions here.